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The Rising Woman

Sep 22, 2019

Welcome to The Rising Woman Podcast!

In this episode I have a special guest whom is going to drop some heavy truth bombs onto this episode and dive deep into women's health!!! Holly Sinclair is a woman's health practitioner who is Australia's leading guru in fertility, menstrual cycle, hormones and gut health. Holly is really making her mark in the women's health and wellness industry with practises and methods that are changing women's lives and bringing them further away from IVF and towards natural remedies.


In this episode we will discuss the following topics:

1. Why understanding your body is essential for women

2. The gap between the healthcare system and the FACTS!

3. Innovating "THE WOMEN SERIES" and Holly's journey into the health space

4. Letting go of your ego and taking ownership of your circumstances

5. The 'AH-HA' moments that allow you to become your greatest self

6. The effects of stress and under eating on the female body

7. Why women struggle with resilience

8. How a failing reproductive system effects all aspects of your life

9. Why contraception is detrimental to your health

10. What's all this talk about calories in - calories out anyways?


You can find Holly at